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After serving my country for over 21 years, living on a fixed, government income, I retired from the US Army in 2004. At that point, like many others, I began looking for my next career. I was particularly searching for an opportunity to make a significant income, help others and build wealth on my own terms and without a major time or financial commitment -- in 2006, I found it.

Although my success didn't come without struggle, many challenges and much disappointment; after finding the right mentors and training programs, I managed to "crack the code" of network marketing. Since then I have become a national trainer, yet I am still being mentored by some of the biggest and brightest professionals in the industry; and I have vowed to help others avoid the trial and error approach. I love the home-based business industry, my travel business particularly and the lifestyle it affords me and my family. It is now my genuine desire to help as many people as possible, learn about the home-based business industry, how to realize the true benefits of leverage and how to enjoy the perks, benefits and privileges of the largest industry on the planet. Travel. Think about it, if you had more time and more money, what would you do? 99 out of 100 people say Travel!

This site is set up to provide you with in-depth details about this phenomenal opportunity and the system that is working for me and countless others around the world. If you're truly looking for a fun, simple, yet lucrative business that anyone can do, I'm confident you'll agree this just makes sense! Please take your time and freely investigate the content without hype and without pressure!

After reviewing the information, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or for any additional information you may require. Then, join our team and allow me to personally serve as your sponsor so that I can help you get started right and reach the level of success you desire right away.

Remember, your success is my success, therefore I wish you blessings in all that you do.

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